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Our comprehensive suite of computer vision solutions includes

Image classification

Classify images with high accuracy at scale.

Object detection

Detect different kinds of objects with bounding boxes in your images.

Image segmentation

On top of detecting objects segment them with pixel level accuracy.

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Transform your business

Become an AI-fueled organization by seamlessly integrating cognitive technologies.

Access from anywhere

Zerve is a web based platform and can be accessed via a web browser, allowing your teams to collaborate globally without the need for managing complex infrastructure.

State-of-the-art security

Deep learning algorithms are only as good as your data, we go an extra mile to ensure you have complete control over it and sustain your competitive advantage.

Skill up quickly

Get hands on experience solving real world problems with AI.

Build fantastic apps

Use our highly available RESTful api to easily power smart vision based apps quickly.

Production quality pipelines

Get access to high quality and robust data processing pipelines that have been extensively tested to yield the best results.

Train with less data

Real world problems are no MNIST and we understand that. Train highly generalizing models even with less data.

Focus on the problems

From hyperparameter optimization to data augmentation always access latest advancements from the world of research to focus on the problem instead of the implementation with our code-free platform offering unrivaled flexibility and excellent dataset management.

Reuse workflow elements

Once you create a strategy to solve a problem in Zerve, it can be easily reused in other similar problems, saving you time and boosting productivity.

Curb costs

Reduce costs by easily automating laborious and expensive tasks using Zerve's automation service powered by state-of-the-art deep learning.

Gain competitive edge

Discover and create unique and engaging experiences for users with highly accurate models leveraging your dark data.

Move faster than ever

In the era of data driven decision making, Zerve is here to solve all your visual data problems.

Validate your idea quickly

Test the commercial viability of your idea as quickly as possible.

Build highly reliable solutions

Solution consistency can be crucial for startups. Zerve helps you create stable solutions and build a brand reputation.

You don't need a team of experts

Do not let the high cost of technical expertise in AI stop you from making your idea a reality.

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